In 1956, the brothers José and Jaime Rosal Margalef founded the company Talleres ROSAL S.A. with the objective of building machinery for the elevation and mechanical transport of silos and cereal warehouses for animal feed factories…

Later, in 1973, sensing the evolution that would take place in Europe in feed manufacturing systems, they founded a new company called MABRIK S.A., with the aim of manufacturing machinery for the pelletizing of compound feed and its complements (conditioners, dryers, coolers, screens for the separation of fines…) and at the same time offering permanent technical assistance and spare parts guarantees to the customers.

Since then, the growth of the group has been uninterrupted, increasing at the same pace as the needs of the market, both in animal feed and in the by-product markets in general.

The internationalization of the group began in 1977, and has undoubtedly been the key to the success of this business project, which today extends to more than 30 countries. Our feed mills are present in the 5 continents, contributing to the feed production of the most important companies in the sector.

The history of ROSAL Instalaciones Agroindustriales is a story of effort, overcoming and success, which would not have been possible without the contribution of our employees, an elementary piece of our gear.





To help our customers seek the highest profitability and efficiency in feed production.



To add value to our customers’ production chain, becoming a long-term strategic partner thanks to the quality, efficiency and technology of our solutions.



Trust, commitment, innovation, efficiency and safety are, among others, the values by which our company is guided.