Our storage silo designs cover both mechanical and pneumatic filling. In the latter case, the silo is equipped with its corresponding filter.

  • In the case of our bolted silos, the ferrules are joined by means of intercalated rubber gaskets and steel screws, which provides high resistance. The thickness of the ferrules or plates are calculated according to the characteristics of the product and the volume to be stored.
  • The unloading system is based on hoppers and counter hoppers with sufficient slope to guarantee good emptying. Eventually, grain silos can be equipped with additional vibrating discharge systems.
  • In addition, our industrial silos are equipped with handrails, protective toeboards and support ladders.

Silos cuadrados

Construcción del cuerpo en chapa plegada en “ZIG-ZAG” a 60º de inclinación.
Tolvas y contratolvas bajo celdas con la correcta inclinación según producto.
Compuertas de inspección y mantenimiento.
Instalación de filtros de aspiración en la parte superior

Silos cilíndricos

Silos con cuerpo cilíndrico
Techo inclinado
Fondo plano y/o tolvas con pendiente según producto están destinados a almacenamiento de grano, cereal, semillas, harinas y otros productos.

Characteristics - Storage silos

  • Construction of the body in a folded plate in “ZIG-ZAG” at 60º of inclination.
  • Hoppers and counter hoppers under cells with the correct inclination according to the product.
  • Cell support structure by means of pillars and shafts.
  • Inspection and maintenance gates.
  • Installation of suction filters in the upper part.


  • Large storage capacity in reduced space.
  • Modular system to reduce assembly time.
  • Great flexibility of distribution according to number of cells and sizes.

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