RVF counterflow coolers allow, in a compact size, to have a large cooling capacity, increasing performance and achieving significant energy savings.

refrigeradores de contracorriente

Characteristics - Counterflow coolers

  • Granule inlet through a stainless steel honeycomb valve.
  • Suction hood and cooler body made of stainless steel with access door and translucent inspection window.
  • Suction mouth with pneumatically operated instantaneous closing valve.
  • Emptying by means of a dosing extractor with sliding or tilting blades according to product requirements.
  • Automatic emptying operation by means of levels and timer in the final unloading process.
  • Granule distributor-leveling system, increasing its efficiency and homogenization of the product.
  • Fire detector system with temperature sensor, alarm control and signal output to minimize the risk of propagation to the maximum.

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