ROSAL’s industrial sanitizer is designed for the elimination and minimization of pathogenic elements in compound feed..

  • The basic principle is the increase of the retention time of the meals once the appropriate temperature is obtained in the conditioner.
  • With a retention time of up to 4 minutes, the presence of salmonella and other pathogens in the meal is minimized.


Higienizador Rosal

Characteristics - Sanitizer

  • The product is transported along the cylinder by means of a stainless steel worm screw of up to 1,100 mm diameter.
  • The cylinder is insulated with 25 mm rock wool and incorporates electrical resistances in order to maintain the temperature during the entire retention time.

Beneficios destacados

  • Long service life
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • High feed hygiene and safety
  • Longer residence time of the flour
  • Facilitates the granulation process

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