Discontinuous turbulence mixer with wide application in the food, chemical and mineral industries. 

The industrial turbulence mixer achieves optimum homogenization levels without deteriorating the product, thanks to the mixing process based on centrifugation and turbulence that keeps the product separated from the mixer walls.

All this is achieved by means of mixing paddles in the form of plow moldboards. It is an optimal mixer for the processing of low viscosity products and solids with a high level of liquids.

Mezcladora de turbulencias

Features - Turbulence Mixer

  • Turbulence mixers available in stainless steel and carbon steel.
  • Drive unit with direct transmission
  • Product inlet equipped with butterfly valve
  • Discharge mouth with pneumatic horizontal closing and optionally manual closing.
  • Possibility of incorporating high speed blades for the deagglomeration of certain products.


  • Possibility of incorporating hot water heating walls
  • The mixing chamber is provided with several inlets for injector placement
  • Capacity between 300 and 6000 liters

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