Designed to provide a long service life with minimum maintenance, ROSAL mixers allow optimal homogenization with a wide variety of products within the animal feed and chemical industry, achieving a high production rate in short mixing periods.



Characteristics - Ribbon mixer

  • Mechanized and balanced rotor, dynamically and statically, provided with two opposing belts or propellers.
  • Support supports at the ends with a double row of rollers.
  • Prepared for the application of injectors for the incorporation of liquids.
  • Quick unloading system by means of a pneumatically operated sliding closure.
  • Inspection and maintenance gates in the mixer body with safety mechanisms that prevent access to the interior while the mixer is in operation.
  • Decompression ducts between the mixer and the discharge hopper.

Features - Paddle mixer

  • Wide range of models from 1,000 liters to 8,000 liters.
  • Cylindrical mixing body.
  • Double rotor with screwed, adjustable and interchangeable blades.
  • Incorporation of liquids.
Single Shaft Paddle Mixer



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