ER extruder for the manufacture of extruded feed for dogs and cats, fish and cereals.

The soybean extrusion process consists of using the extruder machine that applies pressure on the grain to force it through an opening.

The purpose of this process is to destroy anti-tryptic factors, increase the digestibility of the feed and neutralize anti-nutritional factors.


Features - Extruder

  • Models range from 75 kW to 315 kW.
  • Strongly ribbed metal bed plate with oil bath lubricated bearing housing with level probe. Single-block shaft with SA-55 cone.
  • Drive by electric motor with direct transmission or by pulleys and V-belts with tensioning system.
  • Extrusion cabin provided a different number of chambers or barrels depending on the required capacity.
  • Double envelope chambers that allow the passage of steam or water to increase or decrease the temperature.
  • Set of screws and airlocks that allow the necessary configuration for the extrusion of the products to be produced.
  • Die with perforation to be determined.
  • Inlets for water and steam injection with flow meters and inlets for temperature control.
  • Stainless steel cutter mounted on articulated arm with 2 HP motor at 1,500 RPM. IP-55 regulated by frequency variation converter.


  • Destruction of antitrypsic factors.
  • Increases digestibility quality.
  • Neutralizes anti-nutritional factors.

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