With more than 60 years of experience, ROSAL Instalaciones Agroindustriales is the leading company in the construction of feed mills for animal feed.

Thanks to our engineering, design and assembly capacity, we are specialized in developing “turnkey” plants, as well as all the machinery that makes up each of the production processes.

Our plants are an indispensable link in the production chain of our customers, providing quality, efficiency and technology.

With presence in more than 30 countries, we are dedicated to the realization of projects, construction and start-up of:

Construction of animal feed plants

  • Our specialization in the sector has allowed us to position ourselves among the leading companies worldwide, being the reference in the construction of turnkey feed mills in the 5 continents. + INFO

Construction of pet food plants

  • Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we build the pet food plants that best suit the client’s needs, taking into account the trends of the sector, and employing the latest technology in each process.  + INFO

Construction of aqua feed plants

  • We offer complete solutions for the production of all types of fish pellets, from floating to sinking, always taking into account the customer’s needs and with the lowest environmental impact. + INFO

Cereal and Flour Processing

  • At Rosal we have extensive experience in the design and implementation of solutions for cereal and flour processing. + INFO

Biomass Pelletizing

  • We have a solid track record in implementing solutions for the pelletization of all types of waste, suitable for biomass production.  + INFO
rosal feed mills
rosal feed mills
rosal feed mills

Our investment in research and development has the objective of the constant improvement of our customers’ productivity.

In our offices and test plants, our experts study and develop new applications and industrial processes to offer cutting-edge technology that is increasingly innovative and profitable.

We work in direct collaboration with our customers to improve their processes and the profitability of their equipment, from the creation of a product to the design of the complete production line, providing active and efficient assistance thanks to our long experience in the sector.

Rosal feed Mills