Industrial hammer mills for grinding and size reduction of the cereal processed in the feed mill offering high flexibility and minimum downtime.

  • Industrial feed mills contain a rotor equipped with hammers rotating at high speeds in the mill, impacting the product to be ground. This provides efficient grinding depending on the final product to be produced: livestock feed, pet food or fish feed.
  • The mill consists of a steel monobloc body of reinforced construction supported on a base with special anti-vibration dampers for floor mounting.
  • Circular screens in two sections, easily interchangeable from the outside with the hammer mill in operation.
  • Rotor can rotate to the right or left for maximum utilization of hammers and screens
  • Side doors for easy access to the rotor to check and change hammers.
  • Feeding of the hammer mill is done by a honeycomb roller driven by a geared motor.

New Hammer Mill MMR


Characteristics - Hammer mills

  • Central product inlet with deviation by means of a pneumatic cylinder according to the direction of rotation.
  • Automatic regulation by means of electronic frequency converter with load programmer, taking as reference the intensity consumed by the main motor.
  • High power magnet for separation of metallic particles.
  • Built-in device for separating heavy bodies such as stones, etc.


  • Industrial feed mills with motors from 40 hp to 540 hp.
  • Direct drive of the motor by elastic coupling.

Hammer Mill


Hammer mills

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